Drylam ALM 3222 Automatic Laminator

With the DryLam automatic laminators (ALM), quality laminating is simple, requires very little space and is more affordable than you might think.
Using an ALM series laminator couldn’t be any easier. Just push a button and your ALM laminator automatically feeds, laminates, cuts and trims digitally printed materials in one pass. No extensive and time-consuming training required to get up to speed. And no need for cumbersome hand- feeding of paper or hand-trimming offline.

DryLam ALM Series Automatic Laminators use only quality DryLam ASAP lamination films. ASAP stands for Always Sticks to All Prints. These films are specially designed for hard-to-laminate digitally printed sheets. ALM film is available in a variety of mil thicknesses, in choice of gloss, matte or elegant silk finish.